Therese Mammhofer was from a traditional family of innkeepers, who held the still existing inn "Zum Stern" in the heart of Oberammergau. In 1922 Therese married her second husband, the gamekeeper Georg Schallhammer who owned this property. The building, constructed in 1817, consisted of the living quarters to the garden side and the stable with the associated barn floor.

As the Passion Play in 1920 had to be canceled due to the aftermath of World War 1, it has been rescheduled to the year 1922. Like many other citizens of Oberammergau, Therese also rented out 2 rooms to accommodate the incoming visitors of the Passion Play. - The birth of our guest house!

Since that time, she welcomed the constantly growing crowd of summer visitors, who moved from the cities into the Ammergau Alps. Of course Therese Mammhofer still tapped beer at the inn "Zum Stern" - the "Wecker", as we call it in Oberammergau - and hosted many hungry and thirsty guests. 

From 1928 on, Therese daughter Antonie, who was married with the famous woodcarver Franz Josef Zwink, owned the guesthouse and ran it till 1978.

The "Wecker Toni" - how Antonie was called in Oberammergau, passed the guest house with 3 rooms on to her son Anton Zwink and his wife Adriane. They extended the guesthouse considerably. Stable and barn floor gave way and more rooms were added over the years. In 2011, Josef Zwink took over the management of the nine-room boardinghouse.

During the latest renovation and rearrangement of the hotel, we remembered our roots and decided to rename the Pension Zwink according our foundress Therese Mammhofer as the “Mammhofer Suite & Breakfast”.