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Passion Play 202

The Passion Play 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID19-pandemic.


May 14 - October 2, 2022 - A village plays passion

Since 1634 the Passion Plays of Oberammergau have been brought to the stage once in a decade.

During the Thirty Years War, the plague raged in Europe and did not spared Oberammergau either.

The legend reports that the village elders swore to play every ten years the story of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus when no one dies of the plague in the village.

The villagers of Oberammergau have kept to their promises to this day - almost 400 years later - and so in 2022 the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play will take place.

Tickets only

The ticket only sale will start in the spring of 2020 on


Bookable rooms during the Passion play period 2022

Single room (with option for 2 persons)

Double room




These rooms can be booked with a minimum stay of 5 nights until August 2021.

From September 2021 the minimum stay is reduced to 3 nights.


Please note that the room reservation is valid even without tickets and subject to our cancellation policy!

The Zwink Family at the Passion Play

Your host family Zwink is closely associated with the passion play, because we have been part for generations, on or back stage.